Muesli Mogiana – it could hardly be healthier

You couldn't get more breakfast in a latte macchiato glass. Mix:

- an espresso glass of each of the following: oat flakes, Greek yoghurt, milk, coffee
- a coffee spoon of chia seeds
- the seeds from a vanilla pod, a pinch of salt, a little honey
- a spoonful of almond butter, flaked almonds

Our Alta Mogiana is the best choice of coffee for a fine, nutty note. Then just leave this healthy mixture in the fridge over night.

New recipe idea: Winter Wonderland Coffee

When Father Christmas takes a coffee break:

- Prepare Caffè Latte with Oro Nariño as instructed in the app
- white chocolate for sweetness
- crushed peanuts
- cinnamon powder

Try Santa Claus' coffee and publish your Christmas coffee creations with hashtag #qbocoffee on Instagram.

It keeps on getting better: our firmware update

Why not enjoy the latest firmware update? It will make your machine even more intelligent and beautiful: Not only will it show your favorite drink in the display in smart Qbo Glasses from now on. It also notes your favorite capsules for each drink and tells you even earlier if it needs something, e.g. water. And counting the capsules works fine now too. After all, no-one’s born perfect.

Baristas would stop off here

We've recently housed a few of our YOU-RISTAs in a hotel – ever since we found the right one with the me and all hotel in Düsseldorf. Because our machines feel totally at home there, thanks to the Wi-Fi hotspots in all the rooms. But the visitors and guests convinced us too. Young creative types who love the modern style and cosmopolitan concept of the hotel can now also enjoy our premium coffees there. Find out more about our new favorite hotel here.


Commercial break

The whole diversity of the Qbo range is summed up in our brand new TV spot. Do you want to see more? Watch our director’s cut! You can also drop by and see us on Facebook and Instagram, where you can find out how the actors in our ad make everyday life more beautiful with Qbo.

New Qbo-Stores

We want you to be able to enjoy our premium coffee in as many places as possible. For example in Hamburg, Berlin or Munic:

2016/11/03 Alsterhaus, Jungfernstieg 16-20 in Hamburg
2016/11/06 Karstadt, Schloßstraße 7-10 in Berlin
2016/11/25 Oberpollinger, Neuhauser Straße 18 in Munich

We look forward to welcoming you – whether it’s online or offline!

10 coffees. 1000 creations.

There’s nothing magical about making coffee. And yet it’s amazing what you can conjure up. You’ll find a few creative recipes here

Perpetual ice. Now in the Shop.

Ice cubes are actually the hottest items in our Qbo Accessories. In the stainless steel version, they won’t water down your Iced Latte, and they’re also the most important ingredient for any other milk creation. Because your MILK MASTER produces the very best foam if you use ice-cold milk. Available now in theShop.