Multi talent: the Qbo app 1.9

With the release of the brand new Qbo Touch we are shipping the new app update to support it. You can enjoy your favorite coffee with the Qbo app on two different models now. Additionally you receive the three new coffees "Kinyaa Galeras" plus our first limited edition.

Thanks to your feedback we were able to improve the bring my coffee service even further as well as improved performance and stability.

Thumbs app for the Qbo update 1.8!

Just right for a fresh start in 2019 you can get an new update for your Qbo App. With the version 1.8 we did not only optimize our performance but also reworked our WiFI setup completely so that you get to all smart features as easy as possible. Speaking of smart features, the update also includes the possibility to create Siri Shortcuts and Android Widgets for Qbo - thumbs app for your favorite coffee.

A fresh boost for your Qbo App – get Update 1.7 now!

To mark the official start of summer, you can now get a fresh update for your Qbo App. Version 1.7 makes lots of things even easier and clear – whether it's for an overview of your planned coffee moments, preparing your own favorite drinks creations via Alexa or topping up your stocks via Bring My Coffee. 

New functions for the app and the machine

The Qbo System is taking the next step and making your home a whole lot smarter. The new update for the Qbo App and Machine Firmware will make Qbo and Amazon Alexa the new dream team for your favorite coffee. Start and time the preparation of your coffee without lifting a finger – using your voice. At the same time, the new rewards program converts every coffee into valuable rewards.

Level up your Qbo – the new app and firmware are here!

It's done: The brand new double pack of App 1.5 and Machine Firmware 1.30 now takes you to the next Qbo level! Now you can look forward to innovative functions that the Qbo Community has been simply longing to have. We'd just like to mention: remote brewing by app, timer function up to 7 days in advance and the new Qbo Bring my coffee service that brings your new coffee supplies to your home at the press of a button. Find full details of the new firmware here.

All about caffeine

This month, it is all about caffeine. With or without, a little or a lot – each Qbo Coffee is different. With the launch of our new Espresso Decaf and personal caffeine statistics in the Qbo App you find everything you ever wanted to know about caffeine and how much of it is in our coffees on our website.

New: Espresso Decaf

You love espresso on every occasion, but maybe sometimes you'd prefer it without caffeine. Well now you can really get excited by our new Espresso Decaf. This harmoniously balanced blend from the best coffee growing regions of Brazil and Colombia will seduce you with its slightly sweet, "wheaty" notes and fruity echoes. Gently decaffeinated and carefully drum-roasted, it retains the full aroma – your perfect espresso flavor experience, but without the caffeine.

Available to download – the new Qbo App

This month, not only is Espresso Decaf joining the Qbo Coffee range. The Qbo App is also continuing to develop, with a new design and an expanded range of functions. 
In the new coffee statistics in Qbo World, you can now see, for example, how much caffeine you've consumed today and over the last few days. And with the new design of the drinks and machine menu, you can create, save, send and share your own coffee creations much more easily.

Q-ramisu: Tiramisu in a Qbo Glass

For the filling, stir together 250 g mascarpone and the same quantity of quark with 5 tbsp. sugar and the seeds from a vanilla pod. Whip the cream until stiff and carefully fold in. Chop around 200 g of sponge fingers into little pieces and wash and chop the berries. Line the bottoms of the Qbo Cappuccino glasses with sponge fingers and drizzle Espresso Cafezinho Ipanema over this. Then add the berries, filling and more chopped sponge in layers in the glass. (For around 6 portions)

Tip: Use an icing bag for the filling – that way, you'll get beautiful layers in the glass without splashing.

Now you can get Qbo cubes at Tchibo

Before you’re left high and dry, you should top up your Qbo stocks in good time. Now you can have whatever you need sent to your nearest Tchibo store if you’re out during the day. After all, it’s probably closer than the nearest post office.