To prolong the life of your Qbo Machine

Your favorite coffee should always taste like your favorite coffee. With this in mind, we've developed an integrated three-step care concept for your Qbo Machine. It's based on the routines adopted by professional baristas.
Step 1: Rinsing   I   Step 2: Cleaning   I   Step 3: Descaling

Why descale?
Descaling removes limescale deposits. These build up in your Qbo Machine over time. It will prolong the life of your machine and ensure that you can always enjoy your coffee at the right temperature.

When to descale?
It's best to ask your Qbo Machine. The precise rhythm will depend on the hardness of the water where you are. You can always check the water hardness you've set in the settings menu of your Qbo Machine and change it if necessary. Your Qbo Machine will give you a friendly reminder, on its display or by a push notification via the Qbo App, when it wants to be descaled. It will probably be around once or twice a year.

How to descale?
Descaling is really easy – you can see how to do it in the video guide below, or in our PDF instruction:

Download: Descaling manual (PDF)
Download: Sicherheitsdatenblatt Qbo-Entkalkungstabletten (PDF)