100 % taste
0% caffeine

Our Decaf is the perfect Espresso if you aren’t in the mood for caffeine, but can’t resist an espresso’s great taste. So we have come up with a blend made from Arabica beans from two of the best growing regions in South America. One are the Cordilleras in the Colombian Andes, on whose volcanic soil very aromatic and first-class coffees grow. And then there is Brazil, whose balanced climate and nutritious, brick-red laterite produce an especially mild coffee. This perfectly balanced blend makes for an excellent coffee with a sweet touch of grain and fruits.   

Lose the caffeine, keep the taste.
In order to preserve our unique coffees’ full taste, our raw coffees are decaffeinated both gently and individually. Briefly steamed, the beans’ cells open up and only the caffeine is extracted. The beans are then vacuum-dried and drum-roasted, developing their unique aromas and flavours. Individually roasted and perfectly balanced, this is a perfect espresso - but without caffeine.