Buna Enteta

Good coffee needs time

Ethiopia – this East African country is regarded not only as the cradle of coffee growing, but also as the home of the Buna Enteta coffee ceremony. This ceremony follows a set sequence, for which you should allow plenty of time. Firstly, the raw coffee beans are washed in a pan resembling a wok to remove the fine silver skins. 

Good coffee follows a tradition
After this, the pan is placed over glowing charcoal to roast the beans slowly until they take on their blackish-brown coloring. The roasted beans are crushed in a giant mortar before hot water is poured over the fine coffee powder – often flavored with a little cardamom and cinnamon – in small cups. The coffee is then enjoyed in even smaller sips. 

Good coffee grounds the drinker
This special ritual connects people with the four elements – because the coffee is a fruit of the earth, roasted in fire until the air picks up its aroma before it is combined with water into a drink. With our Caffè Buna Enteta, we would like to import not just Ethiopian coffee, but also a little bit of this Ethiopian coffee culture.