Baba Budan

A hot contraband from the Orient

Baba Budan – this is the legend of an Indian pilgrim who discovered an enthusiasm for coffee when travelling through the Middle East. It was a drink that did not exist in his home country. But at this time, the penalties for exporting coffee were very tough. Baba Budan accepted the risk and smuggled the holy number of seven beans into the country, because he could not manage any more without it – just as we can't imagine life without our Baba Budan Caffè today.

From pilgrim to coffee pioneer
Back in India, Baba Budan planted his seven beans in his garden not far from the evergreen, flower-covered mountains of Chikmagalur, and the great Indian coffee tradition began to thrive right there and then.

An Indian hero
So it was Baba Budan, with his seven little beans, who first broke through the Yemini coffee monopoly that had lasted over 500 years and helped to spread coffee throughout the world. So, having originated in Ethiopia and Yemen, now coffee was also being cultivated in India. No wonder that the fertile mountain slopes in India are named Baba Budangiri in his honor. We too would like to thank him with this premium coffee variety, which we have named after this disobedient Indian.