Get the new functions!

We all need it to wake up: a fresh cup of coffee. Now you can prepare this yourself without lifting a finger – with Qbo and the Alexa voice assistant.

The Alexa voice control is just one of the new functions you'll discover when you download the new Qbo App 1.6 and Machine Firmware 1.40. Another is our new rewards program, which you can use to turn coffee enjoyment into new bonuses each time.

You'll find full details about Firmware 1.40 including a guide to downloading here. And there's more information about the most important features further down.

The dream team: Qbo & Alexa

Qbo is the first capsule machine to obey your every command. With the new Qbo Skill for Amazon Alexa, you can start and time your coffee preparation easily with your voice. Just saying "Alexa, open Qbo and make me a cappuccino." will be enough to make sure that your Qbo Machine makes a fresh cup for you immediately.

You'll find full information about Qbo Skill and how to install it here.
While your coffee's being prepared, you can find out more about the very special character of every Qbo Coffee in the new coffee details in the Qbo App. Or just ask Alexa what Qbo's favorite coffee is.

New: The Qbo Rewards

From now on, as a machine owner with a Qbo Profile, you'll move a step closer to your next chosen reward with every coffee that goes through your Qbo Machine. Every 10th coffee will earn you a point. You can claim your first reward when you collect 25 points. You'll find all the rewards and the points you need to collect for them in the Rewards Catalog in your Qbo Profile. The rewards are sent to you in the form of vouchers, which you can spend in the Tchibo online shop.