Me and all and Qbo

Qbo Coffee is moving into the brand new me and all hotel in Düsseldorf. Why does this work so well? An interview with hotel manager Sven Pusch.

Qbo: Congratulations on the opening! Where exactly will we find the me and all hotel in Düsseldorf? 
Sven Pusch: In Immermannstraße – it's right in the center, in the area known as "Little Tokyo". What makes the location so special is that the hotel is surrounded by the best Asian restaurants in Düsseldorf and by lots of Chinese and Japanese stores. We have picked up this special characteristic in the hotel too, for example, with Asian design elements such as Chinese lanterns, bamboo wood and Japanese lettering on the bedroom doors. Our menu was also inspired by Asia.

Qbo: What is the concept behind the me and all hotels? 
Sven Pusch: With this hotel – as the name suggests – we are aiming to appeal both to guests staying overnight and to locals from the Düsseldorf region. Everyone will find corners in the hotel where they can withdraw. Co-working-areas, however, also offer people a chance to network actively and come into contact with other guests. Events with local artists, such as concerts and readings, also give guests more of the Düsseldorf feeling and help network the city and its visitors. And the technical equipment supports digital networking, with a separate Wi-Fi hotspot in every bedroom.

Qbo: How does the me and all differ from other hotels?
Sven Pusch: What stands out here is definitely our Local Hero concept. Not only do the artists come from the region; we also work closely with carefully selected partners in the Food & Beverage area. We developed our Asian Street Food menu with Anthony Sarpong from Meerbusch, for example, our bread comes from the traditional bakers Hinkel and we offer Altbier from the Düsseldorf brewery Füchschen.

Qbo: Qbo is moving in with you. Naturally, we think this is a fantastic idea. What convinced you?
Sven Pusch: Visually alone, the Qbo Machine fits in perfectly with our high standards of modern design. Together with Qbo's top-quality coffees from an iconic cube, we are offering our guests the kind of pleasurable experience they have in a coffee bar – but in their own hotel room. And the technical operating facilities convinced me too, of course. Preparing coffee using an app and being able to be as creatively free as a barista – that appeals precisely to our target group. The Qbo System complements what we offer in terms of cuisine, which is simply good fun, and gives our hotel even more of that special "something".

Qbo: Where will guests have the chance to test our Qbo?
Sven Pusch: All the guests staying in our 62 Superior category rooms will be able to enjoy their own Qbo Machine and all ten coffee varieties.