Volcanes Antigua

The best of Latin America

For our Volcanes Antigua, we buy coffee from the best growing areas in Latin America: Guatemala, Colombia and Brazil – locations that hold the promise of the perfect coffee composition.

Good coffee is sustainable coffee
Large sums are being invested in these countries: firstly to further develop the quality of the coffees, and secondly to safeguard the future for the next generation of coffee growers. Because coffee is the basic livelihood for almost all the farmers here. Many have inherited their land from their parents and grandparents and learned their craft from them. Through sustainable farming, we protect the eco-system in these regions and their traditional growing techniques – and also retain the authentic flavor of our premium coffees.

Volcanes Antigua – an elemental force in a capsule
Every sip of our Caffè Volcanes Antigua bears witness to the natural conditions under which it is allowed to mature very slowly in fertile, mineral-rich volcanic soils. A perfect microclimate with even temperatures and just the right level of precipitation. Warm winds that rise from the mountain gorges. And coffee grown at altitudes of up to 1,900 m. Coupled with the dedication of the local farmers to their coffee, these form the ideal conditions for this earthy, expressive coffee.