Enjoy your individual coffee creations even more easily

Treat yourself to a fresh boost for your Qbo App and get the latest update, version 1.7. Even in the summer, we love perfect coffee, just as you like it best, of course, with Qbo – whether it's hot or cold. Achieving this is now even easier: From now on, with every update, the latest features will be displayed in the app, and you'll also receive practical tips about your Qbo at regular intervals. Your individual drinks planning will be clearer and the bonus program will show you all the bonuses that you could redeem today or that are coming up. Preparing your own favorite creations using Alexa and topping up your coffee stocks via Bring My Coffee are much easier now too.

Alexa, make me my favorite coffee

With the app update 1.7, you can now give your individual coffee creations a name really easily so that you can order them directly with Alexa voice control. As soon as you want to give your coffee recipe a name, you can select from a list of 20 suggestions that your Alexa voice assistant will readily understand – such as Favorite Coffee, Ideal Coffee, Pick-Me-Up or My Dear.

You'll find all the information you need about Qbo Skill for Amazon Alexa and its installation here.

Bring My Coffee comes earlier

Topping up coffee stocks with the Bring My Coffee service is easier too. The service can now be accessed via an Order tab, and to celebrate the move, we've given it a facelift too. Setting up is even simpler, it's easier to edit your shopping basket and ordering is a few less clicks away. And to make sure that your machine, as well as the app, always stays fresh, you'll now also find all the Qbo Care products in the Bring My Coffee service. 

Here's where you'll find the information about the Qbo Bring My Coffee service.