Ready for the next level?

Get the freshly brewed system update from App 1.5 and Machine Firmware 1.30 now – and take advantage of some amazingly useful features that will take your Qbo enjoyment to a new level: From now on, you'll be able to start brewing your favorite coffee from the app, time your brew up to seven days in advance (e.g. just as you're getting up in the morning!) and get hold of new capsules at the press of a button.

Important: Remember to update your machine's firmware too so that you can use all the new functions straight away. Find out how to do it here.

Need help? This is where you'll find instructions for Remote Brew and Timed Brew.

Click - Fresh Supplies!

Imagine – just press a button, and your fresh Qbo Capsules are on the way out to you immediately. Impossible? Not at all: with the new Qbo Bring my coffee service!

Simply create a shopping basket with your favorite varieties in the app – and next time there's a coffee shortage, just press the button on the machine to order fresh supplies.

Read all about the Qbo Bring my coffee service here

How about a few more features?

But that's not all! The new update fulfils a few more of the Qbo Community's requirements:

More equal rights: From now on, anyone in your Wi-Fi network can save their favorite drinks to the machine – and start brewing right from their bed or sofa. And the Timed Brew plus the care status display are now available for everyone to use with the app.

More bonuses: Anyone who recommends Qbo will be rewarded from now on, just like the person who's been recommended. Find more information here

More capsules: The "Order capsules" menu now shows all the options for buying coffee at a glance.